The good days and the SIBO days

For the most part, most days I don’t have issues with SIBO. Then there are days like yesterday.

My kids are busy. I fed my son and dropped him off at swim practice then picked up my daughter from play practice. I took her to a local pub because they were having a fundraiser for the play and donating 10% to the drama club. We hadn’t been there before which always makes me a bit nervous.

The menu looked good! A lot of choices, reasonable prices. I ordered boardwalk old bay fries (my favorite!) and a chicken sandwich. Ordering chicken at a new place always makes me nervous because “plain” to me sometimes means something different than it does to the cook/chef. Sandwich came and was plain! I didn’t eat the bun.

The fries tasted weird to me. I had one and wondered if they were fried with fish. I didn’t ask; I just stopped eating them.

Picked up my son and headed home and I start to feel annoyed with everything. This is my first sign that I ate something wrong. I went to the bathroom a few times, sign #2. I thought I was starting to feel better. Got the kids in bed but felt restless myself. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t even sit still. Sign #3.

We go to bed early! I had been in bed since 9pm but was still not settled at 10:30. Used the bathroom a few more times and then it starts to hit me. Painful gas. Burps that thankfully did not lead to vomiting. More trips to the bathroom. I got hot socks and Gatorade because these sometimes help me feel better but nothing. My body goes into this weird wired panic where I can’t sit down. But I was extremely tired. So I was pacing my living room. My house isn’t large. I was walking in little circles.

Around 11pm I decided to wake up my 11 year old. My throat felt dry; was it swelling? I couldn’t be sure. I started having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I didn’t want to have an allergic reaction while the kids slept and have them find me unconscious in the morning. So I woke her up. I made her sit with my to keep me awake. It occurred to me that this was child abuse. Wake her up in the middle of the night and make her keep me awake. And of course for her, it was scary. My husband is in London. My body was shivering. I was hot and cold.

We walked circles together for an hour. She had tears of worry in her eyes. I kept saying “I will probably be fine! I already feel better.” But she knows I wouldn’t have woken her up if I didn’t need help.

After 10+ trips to the toilet, I don’t think there was anything left in my intestines. And my body started to calm so we went back upstairs. She snuggled into my bed with the dog wondering what the heck we had been doing.

I kept her up a little over an hour in the middle of the night so I took the morning off work and let her sleep a little. Now I’m cooking chicken and rice and beans so I have something safe to eat for lunch. Obviously, my leftover fries are not a good option.

I know it will be a joke when I get to work today that I am always sick. (Not from my boss but some of my coworkers.) They act like I am shirking my responsibilities. One woman’s daughter had SIBO that was cured with one round of antibiotics and she can’t understand why I haven’t just done what her daughter did. I have. Twice. The second time I lost a lot of weight and was sick for several months. My doctor and I decided that wasn’t a good idea again unless life was unbearable. Is it? Is life unbearable?

Mostly, this little incident adds to my worry. I am not one for anxious thoughts but it does raise concern. My husband is eating a lot of fish for his RA diet plan. What if I accidentally ingest some again? And if eating out is so hard, how am I ever going to enjoy our vacation in Hawaii in June? What can I take to eat that I know will be safe but will also be enough to nourish me.

Some days are good days and some days are SIBO days.