Liar, Liar

My husband has been tested for COVID-19. This was a bit of a puzzle to me because he has not been sick, at all. He went to urgent care to get a required doctor’s note for calling out sick longer than 6 days. He called out sick to avoid crowded planes and airports because he was afraid of getting sick, not because he is sick. But he needs his “illness” to be documented. Normally, this means you go to the doctor’s office, say “I didn’t feel well,” and they give you an excuse for work. The doctor’s office is closed so he went to urgent care. When he came home he announced they were testing him for COVID-19.

“Why?” I asked. You don’t have any symptoms.

“I don’t know,” he huffed. But they tested me.

It seemed weird but lots of things are weird about this whole situation so I just went back to prepping my online classes.

The next morning he calls the urgent care place. I hear him asking the receptionist when he will get his results back. He says “a week and a half? Thanks.” He hangs up and shouts “WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT?”

I am sitting on the couch, reading about Borderline Personality Disorders and trying to find equanimity. “Why does it matter when the results come back? You aren’t even sick. Why did they even test you?”

He repeats that he doesn’t know why they tested him but if the results take 10 days, then he will still be on a sick call when his leave of absence starts. And if he is marked as “sick” then he can’t collect unemployment. So he could be without an income for April if he can’t get it straightened out.

Why did they test him? Because he lied and said he had a fever of 102° for FOUR days. And happened to only go to the doctor after he was feeling better and had no fever. And because he pretended to have COVID, now he might not get unemployment for the month of April. This is the kind of shitty decision making I have lived with for 19 years!

This is a drama he entirely created by lying about being sick. Don’t lie is a good motto. That is the Truth of Life.

Later, he realized that his gun safe was no longer in his closet and went into a fury. “Why are you taking my things?”

“Because I was scared. I am not stealing them. I will give it back when I move out. I just had a decision between staying here with the kids or leaving to keep us safe and I chose to hide the gun safe to protect my safety.”

This is unacceptable. I am insane, he says. I am not. He would never hurt our kids he says. What about me? Would he hurt me? He already has.

Then the lawyer sent documents to finalize. He is freaking out about having to pay half the childcare bill which is $130/month for before care. “You are taking everything from me!”

He said he wants this to be over. (Me too.) He says he can’t wait to never have to deal with me again. He says he wont have enough money, he will have to sell the house. He is going to have about $1000 more each month to live on, not including his bonuses and paid vacation which total over $6,000 per year. He is not the one who is going to be broke after this. He is getting $150k from the house. I get $40k. I could ask for more child support. I could ask for half the house equity. All I want is enough to live off of and to get away from him. I want him to know that I am not after his money and I am not taking it all. I just want to feel safe and to find peace in my own home.

I don’t want to have to argue everyday.

I made dinner. I worked all day planning online instruction, I zoomed with my students, I logged my own kids into their zooms. Then I showered. I made baked chicken and rice with green beans. And I made the kids each a plate. Then I said, “you can come in and choose which piece of chicken you want.”

“Of course, you don’t make my plate.” I am not his slave. I don’t know which piece of chicken he wants. Some days he eats rice and vegetables, some days he is “keto” and only eating meat. I made it after working all day. Can he just make his own plate? No. I should have made his plate.

I have another Zoom after dinner but I also am responsible for cleaning up after dinner. The kids load their own plates. I wash all of the pans. I go to my Zoom and hope that he doesn’t come in, and make a scene.

My whole life for decades has been hoping he doesn’t come in and make a scene.

The lawyer is moving forward with the mediation. There is an end in sight. I am guessing that tomorrow he will tell me that he doesn’t want a divorce. I do.

What do you think?

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