Kicking Kitchen Clutter

I recently read an article claiming that clutter creates stress in a marriage. I know messes can create arguments!

In December, the same day I took a blood test diagnosing my anemia, my husband’s bloodwork confirmed he has rheumatoid arthritis. He has drastically changed his diet to include more fruits and vegetables, less grains, more fish, green tea, and supplements. While I love that he is finally motivated to make a change, we have been running to the store 3-4 times a week to buy more vegetables.

What I discovered in all this was that to my husband, there was no order to our pantry nor the refrigerator. He just tossed everything in creating a mess. This led to him forgetting, repeatedly, that he had purchased asparagus and put it in the bottom of the crisper, only to be discovered when it was turned into asparagus super stink slime.

The disorganization got the best of me this morning. I have had more energy this weekend than I have had in months so I put it to good use. Here are my before and after pictures of the pantry and the fridge.

The pantry before
After. Labels to help my family help me.
The chaos of the fridge before was making me feel crazy.

The fridge after. I used a dry erase marker to label the shelves. I bin holds extra veggies.

I think it was FlyLady who gave me the idea to just pick one thing that needs tidying and start there. Today it was the kitchen. I also cleaned shelves of appliances and pans we rarely use. It was so nice to have a burst of energy and accomplish something. The best part is my energy and cleaning habits are running off on my 11 year old. She, like me, is messy and creative, but we both love the promise of everything being organized. While I did the kitchen, she worked on her room. And I didn’t even have to force her! Winning!

Can anyone spot what my favorite store is?

What do you think?

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